I have to write a thesis on External Computer Devices and i have a problem decideing what to make as an application.
Basicaly i write about ports, how they work, intrerupts, standards etc. I know the topic is very vague, unfortunately was to late to change the topic. Did ask some teachers about ideas, but they were not to helpufull.

So the aplication have to be something which tests an external device. I have done an mouse and keyboard tester but i was told that those devices can be tested in a simple word pad or visual. I would like to go further and expand this application but im out of ideas.

I would like to do something else, either in C or Java but again no ideas. Some teacher told me to make something about displaying the intrerupts in an usefull way, i was like wtf.... One of the main issues is that the app must work both in linux and windows. Also the app shouldnt take me longer than one week of work.

So if anyone have knowlege about externnal computer device testing, please help with few ideas.

Thank you

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It's your thesis, so it should be your research...

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It's your thesis, so it should be your research...

The research is done, im talking about ideas for the application. I do not know where u from, but in our country we are ecouraged to ask around. Im not looking to reinvent the wheel.

I know the topic is very vague

It's not.

We have not read your thesis. We cannot help you find an appication for a paper we haven't read.

Writting a thesis about something you're not enthusiastic about is indeed difficult. Furthermore, you've written it without an idea of application. That's not something we can correct.

Expanding on your teachers idea, how about an i/o sniffer?

Cannot post the thesis, imagine how many all over the continent will have the same thesis next year :)

Your ideea is very good, didnt think about that. Did start looking around and dosnt seem that hard to do. Will keep updated. Thanx

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