Hey, all, I installed Kubuntu on a Dell Inspiron 4500, and I accindentally did a clean install. I'm fed up with Kubuntu and I hate it, and if I try to boot from a Windows 95 CD, it goes straight to GRUB and starts Kubuntu. Does anyone know how I could get Windows 95 over Kubuntu?

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repartition and reformat the hard drive.

First make sure that your computer's BIOS (CMOS) is configured to have the CD/DVD as first boot device so you can boot to a CD as needed, although this isnt helpful for Windows 95 since those CDs are bootable.

Next, why would you install Windows 95? In any case, if you have to, get a DOS boot disk, run fdisk, wipe out the partition, reformat the drive, regart with your boot disk, then run setup.exe for Windows 95 from the command prompt.

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