Can Any body gives the answer of these questions?
1. Make subdirectories called work and play.
2. Delete the subdirectory called work.
3. Copy the file /etc/passwd into your home directory.
4. Move it into the subdirectory play.
5. Change into subdirectory play and create a symbolic link called terminal that
points to your tty device. What happens if you try to make a hard link to the tty
6. What is the difference between listing the contents of directory play with ls -l and ls -L?
7. Create a file called hello.txt that contains the words "hello world". Can you
use "cp" using "terminal" as the source file to achieve the same effect?
8. Copy hello.txt to terminal. What happens?

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This sounds very much like homework. What have you tried and how have you failed?

actually the problem is in question 5 where i can't determine on what file or directory where i have to create symbolic link
And in ques. 7 how can i use cp command to put "hello world" in hello.txt using "terminal" as a source file?

You can change directory with the cd command. You can create links with ln command (look at the -s option).
As for 7, try to use cp on the symbolic link once you have it set up. Play around with it, try a few different things. You'll learn some things and get stuck on others. Once you are stuck, come back with more specific questions and we will help out some more.

what command should i use
ln -s play terminal
ln -s /dev/tty2 terminal

Try them. See what happens. A wonderful thing about computers is that you are free to manipulate them however you like. You will learn more by executing each of those commands then you ever will from me telling you which to do.

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