Importing a hierarchy of firefox bookmarks in konqueror can be tricky, as konqueror's bookmarks editor doesn't read firefox's sqlite databases where the bookmarks are stored.

Konqueror bookmarks are normally stored in a file ~/.kde/share/apps/konqueror/bookmarks.xml , which is actually a dialect of xml named xbel.

I found very little documentation about this transition, and my first attempt was to export firefox' bookmarks in html format, then import the html bookmarks from konqueror. Unfortunately, it failed to import the subfolders in the tree of bookmarks. It seems to me that this forum is a good place to post a working solution.

The solution is to install the Opera web browser, which can import bookmarks from firefox' places.sqlite file. Once the bookmarks are in Opera, they can be exported in an opera bookmarks format file (extension .adr). Then Konqueror's bookmarks editor is able to import those opera files. HaHa!

All my subfolders were correctly imported into Konqueror.

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How to import Konqueror/Rekonq bookmarks in Firefox or QupZilla

This thread would be incomplete without the reversed operation:

  1. Create an empty file ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html
  2. Open the Konqueror bookmarks manager and select file->export->export Netscape bookmarks. This will fill the file bookmarks.html with the bookmarks hierarchy in the NETSCAPE-Bookmark-file-1 format.
  3. Open the firefox bookmarks manager and choose import bookmarks from html file. Browse to the file ~/.netscape/bookmarks.html and validate.

Edit: I was also able to import bookmarks in qupzilla with this technique, but qupzilla currently 'flattens' the hierarchy, allowing only one level of folders.

Specs: Rekonq 2.4.2 in Kde 4.13.3, Firefox 34.0, QupZilla 1.6.0

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