I wanted to ask about RHCSA certification . I am doing MCA presently and have a 2 moths break so i am thinking to do training in red hat so i it good and benificial for me. where hould i do it in delhi/ncr region and about how much will it cost me.
reply me asap.

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basically i wanted to ask it is benificial for me or not bcause i dont want to amke etworking as ma core area of work.what is hot in the market i want to do that,which company expects from employes..

From an employer's perspective, certification is not what it was 10 years ago. Most employers still like to see certificaiton, but they prefer that you demonstrate that you have experience. Many organizations where burned by people that became "paper" certified with no experience. I would say that the combination of certification and experience is best. If you have no experience in the subject area, I would not spend too much money on the certification as I do not beleive that you may see a return on that investment. Of course, I do not want to discourage you or anyone else reading my response. It is just my opinion.

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I agree with ITG-JM

Thanx I guess then just a short term course or training will go if I just have to learn linux??

why not take a certification in Linux + first so you can learn all the basics of linux

why not take a certification in Linux + first so you can learn all the basics of linux

Linux+ is a hell of a lot harder than RHCSA in my opinion, in the aspect that you've got to memorize practically everything about commands that you don't really use, or options or flags that you really don't need to ever have. But, on a side note, getting Linux+ also qualifies you for LPIC-1, A+ ce, Novell certified linux administrator, and Novell certified data center technician. So you pretty much take 2 tests and get 5 certifications.

RHCSA is a practical exam, in which, you need to know how to use linux, set up some services, and use man pages to find out the information that you don't know. So overall, while it's hands-on which is why some might consider it to be hard, you have cheats on the test itself to help you out =P

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