Allow others access files in your home directory by granting them "search" permissions.

Create a publicly searchable, but not listable, subdirectory to your home directory, ~/pub.

Create two subdirectories of ~/pub, both searchable and listable to only the members of the groups music and wrestle, respectively: ~/pub/music and ~/pub/wrestle. Note that you will need to consider the group owners of the directories, as well as permissions.

Create the files ~/pub/music/lyrics and ~/pub/wrestle/plan. The files should be readable and writable by members of the music and wrestle groups, respectively.

That's the assignment. I know how to use chmod but I'm not sure how to allow others access to files in home directory by granting them "search" permissions. I tried going to chmod o+x /home but i was denied permission. Any help?

Sorry, but we don't do your homework for you. Show us what you have tried and we can help you find the errors of your ways, and means. Remember, for *nix systems, there are user, group, and "other" permissions on directories as well as files. So, a hint - to list a directory you need r (read) permission on it. To access a file or subdirectory in the directory, you need x (execute) permission. Normally, the owner has all (read/write/execute) permissions on a directory, and they can limit members of the directory's group or others as necessary.

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