Hey all!!

Taking a break from C++. I have tried to install Solaris 10. It went ok but it seems incapable of producing a consolefrom the start. It has no problem with a text screen. I was able to set up a root and root password. It is not networked. The system never switches to graphics mode during installation. I checked and all hardware and it seems to fit requirements. It (the hard disk) is partitioned. This is a computer I put together myself. The first partition runs XP(never abandon a working operating system). What could be the problem here? I will be happy to provide more info if needed. Thanks.

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you might have to manually configure xorg, or whatever you're using. You'll have to edit the text file, but i can't remember where it's located at.


Thanks for the replies.

I tried to enter:
# /etc/X11/xorg.conf
and even tried:
# /user/local/etc/X11/xorg.conf

While inputing both of these I got the message: not found

It seems strange nothing really works concerning a GUI. I have installed it 3 times 2 regular and 1 console method but get the same thing.

Also when I try to power off with the command:

# poweroff

it simply locks up after syncing file systems.

What is the deal with this OS??

All help is very much appreciated

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