I have a 120 Gig iPod classic but I think it's HD must be getting some bad places, it at leat 3 years old, but I think a few years older. A lot of the songs will not play, I have to plug it into my Mint desktop and delete the song with Banshee then re-sync. Is there any file system tools I could run on the iPod to keep bad sectors(or whatever they're called with SSDs) from being written to again? Thanks.

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Not sure, apart from removing the drive from the ipod, installing it in a carrier, connecting it to another computer, and then running a badblocks check on the device. If it appears as a USB attached drive when the ipod is connected to your computer, then you can run the badblocks program against it as mounted, but specify the output (-o) option to write the bad blocks to a file on your Linux system. I'm not sure what the file system is that the ipod uses. It may be a fat file system, or it may be a regular ios/bsd file system. Removing it and running "fsck -l" may tell you how the disc is formatted.

When I plug it in to auto mounts so I'm assuming I can run the commands on it. Will I need to know the format to do that? Thanks.

The badblocks command doesn't care. Read the man page before you start though. Also, backup all the audio files first in any case.

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