is there is a book or a site for advanced linux command line
like manage partitions and manage users etc?

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I have a copy of Apress Pro Linux Systems Administration by James Turnbull, Peter Lieverdink and Dennis Matotek.

It covers pretty much everything from the basics, including partitioning and user management. Right up to much more advanced topics like managing large-scale deployment/configuration of Linux over a network using Puppet.

It also covers package management in Red-hat and Debian/Ubuntu based systems, and covers building and installing software from source too. So the information in the book can be applied to pretty much any Linux distribution.

The material in the book covers a lot of ground. Unless you aim to become a sys-admin for a large network of Linux machines, you probably won't use most of the stuff in the book. But it does contain a lot of very useful info.

The book itself is quite a hefty tome, with 20 chapters and over 1000 pages. It also has a pretty hefty price tag: $49.99 USD.
That said, I got my copy for free a couple of years ago when I renewed my subscription to Linux Format! Heh heh!

Anyway, I find myself referring to it from time to time and would definitely recommend it!

thank you JasonHippy
and i found another good book
Linux® Bible 8th Edition

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