Another question here. I installed Ubuntu (12.04 I thing, the ones with the LT support?), was previously using Windows 7. Now when I boot, I get the option to use Windows 7 or Ubuntu, but when I select Ubuntu nothing happens - just a black screen. I then have to power off by holding down the power switch and select Win 7?
Any ideas?

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I ges u have to format your machine n remove vwindow 7 completely that u b able to boot on Ubuntu automaticaly

Yea @mat1998x that wiil do also

Who is managing your boot? During the ubuntu install, you were given the option of installing GRUB. What did you pick here?

Here the full tutorial

It worked for me I am using Windows 7 and ubuntu 12.04
If you have already installed ubuntu incorrectly, format the part of the hardisk reserved for ubuntu and follow the steps in the video :)

Good Luck

reinstall ubuntu...

I am using ubuntu 12.04 and windows 7

reinstall ubuntu it will work properly

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