Not sure if this is where I should post this but I found it pretty cool. Its basically all core linux commands for command prompt

Note: You have to include the bin folder in your winows Path and it works like a charm

I'm totally confused. It's a command that you type in to get all linux commands? What is it?

Are you talking about Cygwin? The Unix emulator for windows, which has, like Linux, all the unix commands plus most of the GNU programs (and others) that can be installed via its package manager. Cygwin is one of the first program I install on any Windows machine that I'm gonna be using.

Nope, its not a program. It is all functions defined, add it to the Path and when then you can just use the commands in command prompt.

For example, I installed windows 8.1 not long ago just to get skype cuz couldn't fix dependancies on Debian 64 bit, anyhow, when I tried using ls on cmd it says its not recognised. Installed this package, and in the folder bin it contains all commands' names as executable files. Once added to the path you can call them in command prompt. So now if I type ls, it works, also all linux commands even cat .. :D oh and "pwd" etc, pretty cool thats why I decided to share :)

Installed this package

Would you mind tell us what the name of that 'package' is?

BTW, in Windows, you shouldn't really be using cmd, because it sucks and it's deprecated, use PowerShell instead, which supports most of the bash commands too.

Oh wow, thought I posted link on "this". Here it is ;)
Click Here

use PowerShell instead

You'd think that with all the added power of PowerShell I'd finally be able to use ctrl-c and ctrl-v for copy and paste like every other dog damned program but nooooooooooooooo. I still have to go through the menu.

But I'm not bitter.

I'd expect ctrl shift C to work, doesnt it?

I'd finally be able to use ctrl-c and ctrl-v

But I would expect that ctrl-C would be sending a kill signal to the command currently running. Most command-line interfaces that I know of use ctrl-C for kill and ctrl-Z for hard kill of the programs. It would be weird if they changed that. Usually, the copy-paste can be done with ctrl-shift-C/V.

Here it is ;)

That's just the GNU coreutils library. This is a tiny part of the base MinGW MSYS environment. And the coreutils package is lacking some pretty critical tools, like bash, grep, find, awk/gawk, tar, gzip, etc... You should just go with MSYS instead to have a more complete environment. And as far as I know, when using coreutils in a cmd.exe session, you don't get the Bash features like redirections and pipes. Not having pipes makes the whole thing kind of pointless, no? At least, with MSYS, you get Bash, and thus, pipes, redirections, and the whole bash language for bash scripts... now we are starting to have something respectable as a command-line environment.

I just found it pretty cool that linux environment could be somewhat embedded in windows cmd =) I agree its not complete or anything but it's been created in 2005 just wanted to share to others if anyone else lived in a cave for the past many years like me :D

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