Hi, guys

this is phpmyadmin search page, for example i want to search keyword1 in few tables that already selected

then its go to the result page

now how to get back to search page again, that already have the few tables selected?
i try push Back button in browser, its doesnt bring me back to the search page, instead to phpmyadmin homepage or nowhere

in old phpmyadmin version i can do this, but in latest phpmyadmin version, i cant do this anymore

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I noticed a couple of things. You did not select any fields to search in, and you did not use the wildcard with your search. Have you tried clicking the SQL or Query tabs or the hide Searc results to see if you get back to the page? To be able to help we really ned to know what versios of the database and phpmyadmin application you are dealing with.

yes already tried clicking the SQL or Query tabs or the hide Search results, and others, no one get back to the search page

how is it please help, still dont get the answer,
it is need a lot of effort & time to select the table again in phpmyadmin search page, why cant get back & the tables is still selected?
its same like if i need to repair or optimize only some tables, i cant press back button with the tables is still selected

my phpmyadmin version is

ok looks like i dont have the solution for the phpmyadmin Search page, this is all phpmyadmin users problem

but maybe there is allternative solution, by using SQL page
what is the query to search these keywords at once : keyword1, keyword2, keyword3
in these tables at once : wp_term_relationships, wp_terms, wp_users

please help guys, what is the query looks like to dot that?

the alternative way is using SQL page
what is the query to search few keywords in few tables in guys?
or at least search a keyword in few tables

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