I have 1 TB Hard disk, i want to install ubuntu but ubuntu taking the whole Drive but i want to make partion like windows, i tried partion on ubuntu but the only ubuntu partion can see the rest of my partion is not visible

So please tell or tutorial about to partion
I want my partion like the below list
200 GB for ubuntu (HDD 1)
400 GB for next drive (HDD 2)
400 GB for nexxt drive (HDD 3)

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Depending on what desktop manager you are running you should have an application called Disks under the System heading which will let you see the parttitions. During the install you have the option of using the entire disk or installing on part of the disk. It is one of the first options after you choose the language and keyboard. Ubunto uses the standard partition scheme of one (or two) primary partition(s) and an extended partition that can be sub divided into additional partitions. In Linux drives are just another device and the first SATA (or scsi) hard drive is normally /dev/sda the second drive /dev/sdb and so on. The 1st partition on the first drive is /dev/sda1 and the 5th partition on the third sata (or scsi) drive attached to the system would be /dev/sdc5. Windows does something along these lines designating based on the controller they are connected to [Location 0 (Channel 0, Target 0, Lun 0)] is the first SATA drive according to my Windows 7 OS.

Can I ask why you are planning on partitioning the drive that way? If you are thinking about putting Windows on one of the partitions then you need to read up on dual boot systems and the two OS's you are considering. Personally I prefer to run either Linux or Windows on the entire drive and then use something like Oracle Virtual Box to create Virtual systems for other Operating Systems but that is up to you.

This answer is not fully explained please elaborate a little more

You can use MiniTool Partition Wizard to resize the partitions, but here is one thing that you have to start linux from a live CD or an USB so you can change the partition without corrupting the operative system. Hope this will help u.

How can I resize the partitions after installing the Fedora 20?

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