Hi folks,
I've recently started taking unix lessons to gain beginner level unix knowledge.

Could you suggest me an linux distributions available out there that is close to UNIX in terms of commands, etc.. since I'd like to practise the UNIX lessons at home?

I'm running windows on my PC and am also wondering if there is a bootable version of Linux that runs off of a CD/DVD and at the same time meet my prequiste above.

I'd appreciate your response..
thank you.


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There isn't "a" version of UNIX. pty is suggesting the BSD version of UNIX manifested as Linux. Good choice.

There are other families of UNIX out there. POSIX was created to try to make "one" UNIX specifications so it was easier to work and port across platforms.


As the previous technicians stated, there are many options. I would recommend trying FreeBSD (or the live CD equivilant Freesbie), or Solaris (intel version is now free iirc) if you are looking to have a 'UNIX' familiarity.

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