hey I was wondering if it was possible to get mythtv to run on an actual tivo box. In case you dont know mythtv is a open source answer to tivo and the only reason im asking this is i might be getting a tivo series 2 for free and wanted to see if this is possible so i could bypass the subscription.

Chances are you won't be able to do it. MythTV is built for the X86 platform, and IIRC, TiVo's don't use an x86 processor (I think it's MIPS, not sure).

Before you even looked at MythTV, you'd have to get a fully functioning Linux distro on the machine. Then, you *might* be able to build it from scratch.

yea I have a blog about it as well, I was just wondering whether or not you could do it on an actual tivo box because I was gonna get one for free and didnt want to pay a subscription. Im currently running mythTV on an older dell.

Well, I couldn't do it on my TIVO box due to the inability to get linux to function correctly. But then again I didn't really spend that much time working on it.