I want to resolve a lineare systeme n*m in the C language but i don't know which metod to use or which method is the best (easiest) (newton/gauss etc..).
I want to write a programme in C which solve this problem but idk how to start.

Thanks for helping me.

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Rosetta Code has a solution in 27 programming languages https://rosettacode.org/wiki/Gaussian_elimination I didn't test them ...

Also, it may work only for square matrices.

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  1. Try google and google scholar about your topic.
  2. Put it into Wolfram Alpha ( https://www.wolframalpha.com/examples/EquationSolving.html ) and see if you get your answer.

  3. There are folk that attempt such but don't write code and ask "How to do it?" Another member here shared a video about this. I'm hoping one day they do another skit about programming.

  4. Solve it and write down all the steps. Now take each step and create code that the computer and you understand. Complete for each step and then you've done it.
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