How do you create web server? I wan't install linux server run web wordpress?

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First you'll need to install some form of Linux distro, then you need to install and configure Apache web server, MySQL (Or some other database engine) and PHP, before installing Wordpress on top of that!

But the exact instructions would depend on how you plan to use your server and which Linux distro you plan to use.

For example, are you just trying to set the server up on your day to day desktop PC/laptop, perhaps as a development server, so you can create and test your wordpress website locally before uploading it to a remote server elsewhere? Or will this be a dedicated server on your network that will do nothing more than host and serve your site?

If it is to be a dedicated server, you might want to install a distro with no desktop environment by default. I understand that Ubuntu server edition gives you many different options at install time, so you can install it with or without a desktop environment and you can also set up the type of server/services you want to install (LAMP webserver, mailserver etc). There are a plethora of other options to choose from it all depends on what you want to do.

If it's on your day to day computer: after installing your Linux distro of choice, you just need to install the relevant software using your chosen distros package manager. All of the relevant packages will be available in its repos. Again, the exact steps would depend on which distro you decided to install!

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Adobe cruft is not Linux-oriented, though you might be able to use their Creative Cloud versions on Linux via an appropriate Web browser. I haven't tried that, but it may be possible. I worked for Adobe for awhile, but I ran everyting on Windows 7. Never tried it on Linux.

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