Mahalo Thanks ... I'll Look into it ... I used to use FC 1 and Redhat so I hadn't htought about it...Linux distros is like lookin' at a menu for an all you can eat buffet

whover said xp will only go out 2 versions after is right. Thats still like 3 years as Vista is set to be superceded by blackcomb 2/3 years after release

My favourite distros are

Ubuntu or Debian Etch
PCLinux OS
SuSE 10.2 - Although the damn updater is still broken! :(

FC6 is too slow for my liking, as is mandriva

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SuSE 10.2. I really want to install this on my pc. The xgl feature (am I right here dunno) looks really kewl. Maybe I just might?

the XGL is good but dont run SuSE on machines with low RAM if you plan to use XGL also bear in mind its not compatible with all cards.

SuSE is a great distro (i love yast) but the broken update system still annoys me

talk about bringing a post back from the dead. PCLinuxOS.

I didn't find in the options Debian.
I think it's one of the most stable distributions, having the greatest variety of packages.

i started this two years ago, and it's still going.

Well I will chime in then :) I have recently discovered Ubuntu and I love it. My previous Fave has been SuSe.

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I'll admit that I have only tried Ubuntu and Debian. I have installed ubuntu three times. One on an old computer, it went well. One on a dell laptop, not as good but alright. And then I installed the latest version on a laptop too and that went grand. I still have it on this laptop (dualboot with Vista) but I never boot into it as I don't really need to.

Regular non-Ubuntu Debian isn't even on the list? Harsh, yo.

No love for CentOS either, I see...

i made this forever ago. sorry.

centos is mostly a server os. ubuntu is pretty much debian.

>ubuntu is pretty much debian.
Nooooo comment.

Not clear on why something being a server OS should disqualify it from being someone's favorite distro...

who in their right mind uses a server os as a desktop?

Nooooo comment.

well it is.

You didn't say "favorite distro to use as a desktop". You said "favorite distro".

>who in their right mind uses a server os as a desktop?
I do, and I know lots of people who do as well. And yes, I'm reasonably sure me and the rest are in our right mind.

Oh, and has already been pointed out, you asked us what our favorite distro was. "Desktop" wasn't ever mentioned.

Ubuntu may be ok for just casual users, but is terrible for c/c++ programming. ...does not include any developers tools such as GNU compilers.

The GNU compilers may not be included in the .ISO for the LiveCD, but the GNU compilers are easily downloaded from the Ubuntu repositories via Synaptic.

I like Ubuntu because of the good community, easy to use with Gnome,updating and installing programs is not bad,Installing Ubuntu takes 5-10 minutes on a machine with a fast SATA drive.

Of course Debian. (is missing in poll :( )

Ubuntu. It's just plain easier out of the box. Hell, even my mom can use it.

ubuntu is pretty much debian.


well I dont really know... I currently use Linux mint but before that I used arch linux and before that I used debian, and before that I used openSuSE. I havent had a chance to try out slackware yet but am looking forward to trying it out. All I want is a stable OS with up to date packages. Arch linux pretty much offers that but the fact that the dev team is small gets annoying.

Ubuntu. Why? I love it! of course multiboot with vista!

Currently booting CentOS, Server 2008 and XP

Currently booting CentOS, Server 2008 and XP

Why do you love to run Server specific OSes on desktop? Is there something special about them? :)

I need it for my course. I dont have IIS or domain support on my copy of xp (home) whereas server does, and its free which is better than paying for xp pro

I like ubuntu on the desktop because I like Gnome and I like having all my hardware discovered first time.

I run Redhat (well, CentOS) on my servers because I'm more familiar with it (used it since version 7.2).

I agree with you on the second half of your first sentence. That is my favorite thing about any non-Windows OS I might put on my pc - not having to flipping stress out over installing drivers for my hardware myself! There's just too much stress in my life to deal with mundane bs.

Gentoo, becouse is very fast and flexible. Portage is using USE flags for compilation software so I have in my distro only what I need.

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