hi ,

I am planning to make a linux server which should be able to support a web application for my team, act as print server, mail server, file server,security set up.No idea though can install Linux very well.

The ENVironment details :

This system(2 b linux box):
p3, 850 mHz, Mercury Motherboard, 256 MB RAM, 1 ethernet card(1 more is there places in the slot but LAN is plugged to only one).

Network LAN
Networked with Novell Netware, I find here a tree.

Also have :
Broadband connection, 1 public IP.

Is 2 ethernet cards required for this linux box to server the network as well access internet.

Is it possible to make this system accessible for a system for my system in my room through the internet.(I too have a broadband connection in my hostel.

Would there be someone who would like to help me with this atleast setting up the box after I install LInux in my system.I don't know why I am not getting a needed help..plz ...I request sincerely for your advice and time to take me a few steps with you...


Harish Balakrishnan Marar

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Thanks for that link and consideration.
I would read the link.

wishing you a great day and nice time,i remain

Harish Balakrishnan Marar


You can get linux to do all that you are asking for: print server, mail server... but the integration of Linux into your environment will take a bit of experience, and I would not recommend it on your own, unless you have time to invest on learning it yourself. I would be calling in a consultant to take care of it for you, and can teach you how to do it successfully.

You can setup linux to work with Netware. Not extremely robust, but it does work. You can also have linux use Samba so that your WIndows computers can work with the fileshares too.

You will need 2 network cards if you want to work with an internal network, and an external network, and assuming that you want the linux box to also be your firewall. Do not forget to setup IPTABLES to properly firewall the internet connection.

For internet connections, you will need to use either SSH or VNC. SSH is encrypted, VNC is not. Both work really nicely. SSH for command line management and VNC for graphical management.

Don't forget to design in your backup solutions.


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