I have 500GB WD my passport with bad sector, I try to take disk imaging for forensics investigation with ddrescue but ddrescue was very slowly, is it really take 131d 22h?
Is there any command or way that I can use to speed up ddrescue and just take 8 to 10 hours?
I will appreciate your help.

root@lab:/home/lab/Desktop# ddrescue -d -r 3 /dev/sdc1 WD.dd wd.log
GNU ddrescue 1.22
     ipos:    4980 kB, non-trimmed:        0 B,  current rate:       0 B/s
     opos:    4980 kB, non-scraped:        0 B,  average rate:   57915 B/s
non-tried:  500068 MB,  bad-sector:        0 B,    error rate:       0 B/s
  rescued:    4980 kB,   bad areas:        0,        run time:      1m 25s
pct rescued:    0.00%, read errors:        0,  remaining time:    131d 22h
                              time since last successful read:          0s
Copying non-tried blocks... Pass 1 (forwards)^C

It was really very interesting but it was not answer for my question!

@tony, I think it is an answer. Over the past few years I've been seeing a lot of iffy drives and been looking for reasons and methods to get the data out.

I forgot to mention another common tool we use. RECUVA. Free and plenty of tutorials on the web.

Adding with edit: I didn't mention anything from https://www.google.com/search?q=ddrescue+skip+bad+sectors

Thanks again for answer
The problem is there drive letter for WD unable to detect in windows but shown in Diskmanagment as unallocated disk but in linux show it
I try to reover it unallocate partition with sevral powerful tools but got error becsue of badsector so my solution is just use linux to take an image on WD har driver with bad sector!
So I don't know should I use dd (dd if=/dev/old_disk of=image_file conv=noerror) or ddrescue?
ddrescue take very long time?or mybe there is ddrescue command that save my time!

I was unclear. As a rule I don't duplicate the web but share what I'm using and am looking into. That is, I want what I write to be unique and not what you can google. If you want to lookd into ddrescue and bad sector workarounds, check that google I gave above.

But another nod to Deepspar's nearly automatic fixer for drives that delay to register or read badly. Watch that video about it.

DeepSpar is wonderful because it can recover data from bad sector not just skip it but the problem is it's very expensive!

I wonder if you watched the video and heard the advice not to buy the Deepstar unit but find a shop that would connect it and push the button? That way it's not thousands of bucks.

I find a lot of folk are still not backing up what they can't lose. I see 1TB drives for under 39USD and recovery of what you can't lose costs hundreds. Backups are cheap, recovery is time consuming, not always do it yourself and costly. Usually it takes a big loss for folk to figure this out.

More videos about recovery at:

In my town we have those 300 dollar data recovery shops. They have those deepspar units.

Wow nice video..
For data recovey I usually us Testdisk,foremost or Scalpel in linux
Autopsy or FTK

Using testdisk in linux can recover files from bad sectors hard driver