I am using an ASUS H110-E/M.2 motherboard on my desktop with an ADATA SX6000 120GB M.2 drive installed as a system disk, with a 1TB Hard Drive as a storage disk. The system has worked fine for several months, but recently I installed an optical drive and moved my machine between apartments, and now I am having difficulty booting into Windows. It started after the move, and I reset the BIOS settings to default whiched fixed the issue. The next day it booted into the BIOS again, and resetting the BIOS settings didn't work, so I reseated the drive and that fixed the issue. The day after that (today), I tried both of those things but I still can't get it to boot.

A couple of things: When the drive is working correctly it is displayed as "ADATA XPG 6000.." with the capacity in parentheses in the BIOS, but now when I boot it generically says: "REALTEK RTS5761 NVMe Drive" with no information on capacity. The drive is also not reporting anything via SMART. I tried booting from a Windows USB drive and reinstalling Windows, but the drive showed up as 251MB, so I booted into the command prompt and ran diskpart which showed the same thing. Since I don't have any important information on the disk, I tried cleaning with diskpart but that also didn't fix anything. A couple other things I have tried are updating the BIOS and changing the CSM/M.2 configuration in the BIOS which doesn't do anything except make the drive not be recognized at all.

Any ideas on what I could do to fix the problem? What else can I try before I RMA the drive? Could it be an issue with the M.2 slot on the motherboard?

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Can someone move this to Hardware and Software?

I had the same symptoms with an SSD that died. It seems the 250Meg was the buffer size in the drive controller and when the drive itself fails all the sytem can see is the buffer. RMA time IMHO.

Thanks, I started an RMA with ADATA. Hopefully the replacement drive is better, because someone told me the XPG SX6000 has longevity issues.

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