This may not be the best room to post this in but I didn't see any room that really jumped out at me for this, and since I'm doing all this on Linux desktop it made sense. I'm having trouble placing the meta data (artists, album, title) for a .wav song that I have. Through using three different programs I'm gettin different results. I can open the file in Rythmbox and select properties for the song and I can see the text fields for all the formentioned meta data above, thie fields all say 'Unknown' and the text fields aren't grayed out or anything but Rythmbox still will not allow me to change any of the meta data, clicking in any of those fields and typing yields nothing. I was able to change the meta data using VLC but VLC is the only application that sees the changed meta data, Rythmbox, Media Player, and my handeld digital music player all see null or Unknown for the meta data. Any ideas on what's going on? Thanks.

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Yes I'm a FLAC user, if it's a song I really love then .wav is my preference but I prefer most of my music library to be .flac, as such I like to shop for music at

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You have asked some very interesting questions plus using the name of a character in a series which is why I wrote that. does note metadata in .wav files but also notes that apps have been confused at times when you do that.

I have to write that I would not count on metadata to work in .wav files. You can try but I think this is an area you have to test and see how it turns out.

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I was interested if there is an approach to separate metadata from wav documents. For example, would you be able to get bpm, key, instrument, and so on from a .wav document on transfer?