Hi everyone!

i have Fedora 28 (with xfce) installed on my laptop. As Fedora 28 is now an old version, I'd like to know if there is a way to upgrade directly to Fedora 32, with no risk (I mean no data loss, in particular my /home dir)..

Can you help me?

In any case I've put an iso of Fedora 32 on a DVD, but I'm scared to try intsall it from the DVD and lose my most important data.

What is your advice(s)? Thanks in advance dear fellows!

Re: Upgrade from Fedora 28 to Fedora 32 80 80

The no risk method starts with full backups. I'm running into more folk that want to skip this step.

On top of that you almost verify you are about ready to lose "my most important data" since those without any backups are the ones the have such fear. Time to get those backups done so you don't lose what you can't lose.

Finally I want to add that upgrading any OS in place carries a risk even if everything should be fine. All it takes is a random power outage at the wrong moment and blammo. It's gone.

commented: You're right! +3
Re: Upgrade from Fedora 28 to Fedora 32 80 80

Thanks rproffitt for this advice that common sense should have bring to my mind as soon as I asked myself about the risk for my datas.
I was uploading my backups to a server when I decided to come and read answers, if any, to my question, and I'seen yours. It's what we call "concomitance".

Thank you! I'm about to boot on the DVD containing the iso of Fedora 32... All my body is shaking because it's a big leap, from 28 to 32... I'm very anxious (yes I know, I'm a "pleutre" as we say in french, or "veule" (I've tried asking google translate to give me the english equivalent of this two words, but it seems it doesn't know them very well, the translation that it proposed are very approximate and can be misleading, confusing; if someone knowing french can explain the meaning to our non french speakers, I'll be grateful to him/her)).

See you soon, after the upgrade attempt. So I hope...

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