I currently have a RedHat Linux version 6.4 running on a physical server (HP). However, recently it has started to show a failing disk problem, with some failures at software level as well like the terminal not opening properly, and while waiting for a new replacement disk to be made available, I would like to be able to backup a whole image of the server, and eventually run it on VirtualBox or VMWare should the disk fail completely.

Any tool (free preferably) or manual steps which can be useful in my case?


I'm going to upset someone here. After decades of such work, we backup the entire server when it is not "live." We can use any number of methods you find on the web to backup the entire server and have never had to look for software to do this for us as almost every Live Linux on USB, DVD can give us the "dd" command to clone the entire drive. I'm going to skip supplying google searches since you are running a RedHat from the year 2000 and by now you know how to do that work.

But when you ask about converting your physical RedHat 6.x to a virtual machine, RedHat gives GOLD in the instructions at

I have to ask why anyone would run a server without performing backups on a regular basis. I won't write badly about you but it's always interesting why folk do this.

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