Windows7 - UpGrade ????
I have Win7 Home Premium 32 bit - ordered by mistake -
I want the 64 bit version
- or -
Professional 64 bit - - for more memory use -
Is there an "UpGrade" for Win7 I can purchase
starting over and paying the full price?

Have you opened the package yet? how long ago did you install it? Windows 8 is out now so I don't know if you can still get Windows 7. If you live in USA ask someone at Best Buy.

im assuming not supported means it can be done but is not supporte by Microsoft .I have a acer laptop,AMD Turion64 x2, I use for things like this and testing other crap ,I had win7 home priemun 32 bit ,installed and did a upgrade to win7 Ultimit 64 bit about 2 weeks ago now and it still works ,only issue the sound driver will not stay installed ,works but is gone on reboot ,not saying do it ,just saying it worked for me , I used the windows anytime update to do it ,I have a msdn acct so I have keys for all the different versions .

sometime next week im going to try a upgrade to a version of win8 32bit ,just for the heck of it

I want my windows 7 chaing 32 to64 .but how?

@Mamun+3, To change any Windows version from 32 to 64 bit requires a clean install. There are no supported other methods. The good news is that I've tested this to see if the product or CD KEY works in such an install (retail versions only) and it was all good news. There could be issues if the OS was an OEM version so my advice is to install a blank drive and test your install so you don't burn your bridges. That is, keep your current OS safe by not touching it.