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I need some help with the below please!

After installation of [Fedora] is completed, write a script called your to obtain following options information:

  • Get information about your operating system,
  • Get information about hosts
  • Network interface and routing information
  • Display a list of users currently logged on display a list of recently logged in users,
  • The display used and free memory information,
  • Display if the Linux operating system is installed on physical or Virtual machine.

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Thank you so much, I tried to do it myself I got something very similar to yours. i'm stuck on the below:

Section C: File Management
Write a shell script to create a directory called “lastName_StudentID” and ask the user if he/she wants to copy a file to TESTING directory.

You should find out that the file has read, write and execute permission. If the file has write permission then copy the file to the directory; denied otherwise.

Section D: Pipe
Suppose we have a file called ‘lastName_StudentID_hotel.txt’ with 100 lines of hotel names, each name on a line. Write a script to print the hotel names from line number 20 to line number 30 inclusive. Store the results in a file called ‘lastName_StudentID_Hotls.txt’. Sort the file in alphabetical order.

@Ant, I looked at your top post and saw nothing about Section C and D. What you might be trying to do is to extend your discussion to include NEW QUESTIONS. Sorry but I won't do that. If you have new questions those are in new discussions. Otherwise you have discussions that never end.