Ok i have a 486DX something (around 20-50mhz) with 10mb ish of RAM and about 0.5 gigs of HDD space. I would like X if possible. Can anyone reccomend any distros?

P.S I will need boot floppies - it has no NIC either

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I hate the name of this Linux, so I've never tried it, but from what I've heard, it's pretty good:

i cant make the disks as my xp machine has no floppy drive

Uh, oh.... what are you going to do? Maybe a friend has a computer you can use to make a boot floppy?


im impressd but i dont think ive got enough ram for x - anyone know if i can get isos and flopp images of say, debian potato or redhat 4 anymore? - security isnt an issue as the machine has never seen the net


i have also the your problem
i have hp vectra pc to install freebsd , it runs ok
if you have more question you can add my msn to chat
about bsd

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