When I load Suse Linux 9.1 Pro edition, it freezes when the blue bar is at about 50%. When I look at details, it sometimes says:

1.) some error about usb01


2.) some error about the hdd

Any help would be appreciated. thanks

Please tell us exactly what the errors are. Doing so will enable us to help you more effectively.

The error message is:

Kernel panic: VFS: Unable to mount root fs hda2


PS: Suse used to work befor - it suddenly "broke".

Please help/respod. I need to get linux back and running asap. It's really important.



/dev/hda2 is a filessytem on your hard drive. (hd) means that it is a hard disk. (a) means that it is the primary IDE channel, primary (not slave) device. (2) means that it is the second partition on that drive.

Linux systems are servers, and by convention, servers partition the hard drives to protect them. The simple answer is that your second partition is in trouble -- either bad data, physical errors that sort of thing.

If you are in a hurry, I would go to the store, get a different hard drive, and re-install. We do not know if you have physical damage or not, and I am thinking you are brand new to linux.

If you have some more time, try to load linux in "safe mode" or as we call it, single user mode. Not having deep SUSE experience, I do not know if you have those options, or how to get them. In RedHat, at the GRUB screen, we type in an "a" and then add the word "single" to the boot command line.

If you can get to a prompt, you can try running fsck to repair the volume. "fsck /dev/hda2" in your case. You might need to put other qualifiers in there -- might want to "man fsck" first.

Good luck with this.