I need to wipe my hard drive, because it is so full of crap, and spyware, and everything else that my computer is basically useless. I am running windows right now, but have the software to install Linux. How can i go about wiping my hard drive, then starting anew with Linux???:sad:

Use the Linux install disk. There'll be an install option to erase and take over the entire drive, which is what you want to do. The Linux installer will do the rest.

What I would do, I would wipe the hard drive with killdisk, burn the ISO to a cd and boot off of it. Erase everything, then install linux.
Here's the free version

ubuntu is the way man easy free and they can even send u a cd

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if you truly wnat to wipe the hd, you can use something like dd
1. boot from an install disk
2. locate partitions and or disk to be wiped (do not mount them)
3. run script
4. grab some beer/coffee/pizza (this will take a long time depending on size and iterations)

[B] for (( i = 0;i<10;i++ )); do
    dd if=/dev/random of=dev/hda && dd if=dev/zero of=/dev/hda

or if you have a bootable cd which has a tool called shred (knoppix,gentoo,debian,ubuntu), you can run this:
#this will take a long time, it will do 100 iterations(-n 100) of zeros (-z) forcing permissins obliteration (-f) and verbose (-v)

[B]shred -vfz -n 100 /dev/hda

hope this helps