- we have our own domain which is hosted by a third party company and we use it for our website, our own company email and our ftp and my concern is its securityi although our domain has a cpanel which makes us able to do some configurations on our domain like adding emails and ftp accounts and others i want to know if is it our responsibilty for the security of our domain specially its content like the ftp, email accounts and the website that we have. specially againts hackers and others threats?


The first line of defense in any computer security is a firewall. Many routers have built-in firewalls, but aren't as configurable as software firewalls. So if you have a gateway computer (a computer that all the data to internet has to pass through), make sure you install firewall software on it. If you've got a router as your internet gateway, make sure the firewall is enabled.

You should also note that FTP is considered very insecure because its authentication is plain-text, meaning that hackers could potentially see the password being typed and steal it. (This is not a problem for public FTP.) A safer alternative is SFTP, which operates on the SSH protocol. It's encrypted with private and public keys, so I would suggest you look into that if you're worried about FTP security.

Lastly, make sure that you keep all your software updated with the latest bug fixes and patches, as many hackers gain access to a system by exploiting security glitches in software. And make sure you check your logs, so you'll know when a hacker does break in!