Hi all,

I recently installed Mandrake 2005 LE Micro on one of my machines, and it's my first real attempt at linux admin.

what I would like to do is setup mandrake to do most of the things that I've got going on windows (watching .nsv streams, using DC++, music, movies, etc.) and see what unique features it has to offer.

the snags I've hit so far are:

1. no C compiler (I read one thread that suggested a re-install but unfortunately I've already installed all pkgs on the Micro disc.)

2. no media player (thanks to above I have not been able to install any of the media players I've found.)

3. No desktop environment (while I'm becoming more accustomed to the terminal I would eventually like to set up an osX or even winXP -like environment.)

on a side note, is it worth it to get the retail version of Mandrake, or can I get those features for free with reasonable effort?


I'm not really familiar with Mandrake LE Micro, but there are plenty of free distributions out there, like Fedora, for instance, that include desktop environments, media players, and a C compiler. What made you pick Mandrake 2005 LE Micro, anyways? Just curious.

If your system doesn't come with the compilers, then install them. it's not that hard to do. All you need is the GCC package, gcc-devel, and any dependencies, and you're set.

If your drake distro didn't COME with those, then you got screwed by 'drake staff. Unfortunately, not much you can do there, except download the iso's from Drake's site, or try to get them from mandrakeclub (I think purchasing their products gets you in there for a bit). You can even try their update utility, you might be able to find it there.

No need to reinstall the OS simply because you don't have the gcc packages. However, make SURE you're not missing anything else in there ;)

Yes, I am a newbie and I installed a virtual pc on my conputer with mandrake linux as OS. MY question is, how can I access my personal pc to a virtual pc. Please help!!!

Did you set up Bridged Networking?

You just treat it like it's 2 computers-- do filesharing just like you'd do with any 2 computers.

I have solve the problem by installing the Mandrake 2005.
The problem right now is it has no sound.
Please help!!!