MEPIS is one of the easiest versions of linux to use. Especially for a new user.
Here are some good reasons to choose MEPIS over some other version of linux.
1) Support is readily available
2)MEPIS Network Assistant
3)MEPIS System Assistant
4)MEPIS User Assistant
5)MEPIS X-Windows assistant
6)It is very easy to get all of the w32codecs, libdvdcss2, transcode, lame and whatever codecs you need to watch dvds and play mp3's on your computer. Just ask me and I'll post the whole list.

These features make setting up wireless easy. They make formatting a usb stick and installing MEPIS on it easy. They make re-installing grub easy. They make re-installing X easy. They make setting up new users easy.
You can find these assistants by kmenu, system, MEPIS, MEPIS assistants. They are easy, easy, easy. Just what a new users needs.
If you ever need any help with MEPIS then all you have to do is ask. MEPIS now comes with gparted installed and is easy to use.
I help MEPIS users on five forums although there hasn't been much action at as they have changed to more of a dev site with most users asking for help at,, linustracker and this site for MEPIS specific help. I'm on computer all day so I can help with everything from creating custom partitions, dual or triple booting systems or whatever you need. I usually have several operating systems that I can boot to if I want. I can show you how.
I know how to set up your media players, install upgraded vid modules, get sound working and more. Just ask. Beryl is available with MEPIS too, comes installed with the rest of the MEPIS goodness. Good luck and welcome to MEPIS. It's the BEST.

just use ubuntu and install the codecs yourself, it's not that hard.

actually, just use sled and install the dvd codecs yourself, because it's not that hard either

TheNNS the whole point of this thread is about how easy MEPIS is and how easy it is to get all of the codecs that you need.

This is not a place to compare your favorite linux or anyone elses favorite linux against MEPIS.

This is a MEPIS thread so keep your ubuntu/sled comments somewhere else.

This thread is for MEPIS enthusiasts.

Not a thread where I have to defend MEPIS from any crackpot that feels like taking a poke at MEPIS. If you want to use ubuntu or sled or whatever then go wander off somewhere and do so. Just don't bother to post remarks that are going to start a distrowar. It's childish of you to say the least. And don't bother me with any fancy rebuttal to my posts either. I'm sick of the crap.

sorry, but mepis isn't all that great. sled and ubuntu are way better, by far

sorry, but mepis isn't all that great. sled and ubuntu are way better, by far

Thanks for your un-solicited opinion. That's your choice so keep your ideas off of this thread. This thread is for MEPIS users. It's not a playground where you can say that sled or ubuntu is better. I don't need your opinion. I don't want to hear you again unless you have something productive to add to my post. Why would you say something so rude and so uncalled for? It may be your opinion but I'll bet that you are no expert so keep your un-informed opinions to yourself. This is not a debate center where we can fling crap at other operating systems. I didn't call your little favs down so back off. I know that there are many good linux distros out there. I prefer MEPIS. If you want to write about sled or ubuntu start your own threads and keep the crap off of mine. Thanks.

well excuse me, but i have more expirience in linux than you.

Just wanted to drop in real quick and remind everyone that this is a public forum and all opinions and comments are welcome as long as they do not violate the rules in anyway. One thing that is not allowed is a flaming or attacking other members. It's okay to disagree, just do it politely and maturely.

Thank you. :)

sorry for being rude mepnoob2005, I disagree with enjoy and I use sled and ubuntu instead of mepis, but if you want to use it, no one's stopping you.

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sorry for being rude mepnoob2005, I disagree with enjoy and I use sled and ubuntu instead of mepis, but if you want to use it, no one's stopping you.

Those kind of posts are just trolling for trouble. I didn't say anything about anyone posting which version of linux that they think is better than MEPIS. Your post was uncalled for and was clearly meant to instigate a fight. I don't care what linux you use. If you want to write about sled or ubuntu then do so. But not on this thread. I haven't used sled and have no intention of using it unless MEPIS fails somehow, but I can't see that ever happening. I have used several ubuntus and they have fallen short of the MEPIS mark. However that is because I prefer kde to gnome. Ubuntu 6.10 was good and was honestly almost the same feeling as MEPIS. But for me MEPIS is the best. Try it and see. It may be a learning curve for some but it installs a lot easier than slackware.

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Again, this is a public forum, yes, it may not have been on topic, but people have the ability to suggest alternatives. Lets keep our pride and ego out of this, as I'm sure I know people that have more experience than all of us combined. I'm going to lock this thread now, as it isn't serving any purpose right now except starting fights.

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