Hi Guys i am very new to linux

i have looking at some of the posts and was that Debian was just two cd's install.

Why did i download 22 worth of cd's ??

I will start the install in the morning will let you all know how it goes

Thank you


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Hope your install goes well :icon_wink:

Must have had some problems.

If you have a fast broadband connection and a network card you can also choose to netinstall, that way you only download what you need, and its the most recent version.

hi, try ubuntu has one cd, and easy to install like debian....

all you need for debian is the first CD

for a system with no GUI

the second and 3rd cds have the WMs etc.. on them

for a full system - the forst CD is enough for installation and internet connection setup, and after that - aptitude :)

22 cd's is too much. you have asked here first if you needed all of them.

commented: Read how old the threads are. You are too late with your silly comment. -1
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