Hello everyone--first post here and looking forward to a long and mutually beneficial relationship!
Now for the good stuff--I have a Satellite 6100 Pro (Linux Ubuntu 6.06.1 and Windows XP dual boot) 768 M Ram - 40 Gig hd -- Pent D processor. When I am on the road (truck driver) I boot into windows so I can connect to the internet using my T-Mobile GC89 braodband card which works like a champ almost everywhere I go. I was trying to go strictly linux OS pretty soon, but can't find a driver for this card for linux. Anyone out there have any how to's on this one? I called T-Mobile customer support and they adivse their driver does not support linux.

He's right. There aren't any drivers out for the GC89.

You can manually do it with AT commands, although it's quite complex and I hardly understand any of it myself. Here's some links I encountered on how to do this with your card (and similar chipsets):

Good luck.

Thanks for the quick reply--the sites you suggested were very interesting and I will be using them--probably the last one listed, and see if I can get this thing off the ground. Thanks again and I will let you know if I get it up and running.