Running Debian 4.0 on 3ghz intel processor. Wanted to evaluate MyBooksPro for linux. Downloaded tarball. Installed according to their instructions. At the end of their instructions it says,"When this program finishes (./, a MyBooks Professional icon should appear on your desktop. If you do not see it (as is frequently the case with the Gnome desktop) you need to refresh your desktop. On the Gnome desktop, simply right click anywhere on your desktop, and select Rescan Desktop."

I didn't find an icon nor a Rescan Desktop option. I have emailed them and asked them what to do now but I thought it might be quicker to ask here.

In Debian, how do I get the Desktop to rescan?


Hi there,

Try minimising everything, clicking on your desktop, and then pressing F5.

This should refresh your desktop.

If there is still no icon you may have to create a launcher.
If so: Right-click on you desktop, click on "Create Launcher" and follow your nose.
(In the "Command" section it's easiest just to Browse to the bin file you are trying to run. If you don't know where it is just check all the bin folders in your file should be there somewhere.)

Hope this helps...

the ultimate desktop refresher is ctrl-alt-backspace.

and I personally love the init 3 command