I'm so new to this and I know I've been screwing up big time. I'm hoping you can help me. And sorry about the long post. If I knew how to spilt that into multiple questions, I would.

I purchased a private server hosting package from some company(Co A). Trying to host one domain(www.freakingout.com) which we purchased somewhere(Co B) else. I don't think I manage the DNS or own the DNS because I need to contact the tech folk at Co. A about pointing that domain to the DNS. Before that's done, I also needed to go to the Control Panel and set up a site for freakingout.com and provide them an administrator(jordymae). When I logged in as root to the linux, I saw that they've created /home/virtual/site1/fst/var/www/ which is the source for the link of /home/virtual/freakingout.com/var/www/. Anyway, I was able to then open a FTP window, uploaded some files there. And I was able to access the files using http://myIP/freakingout.com/. But after Co A and Co B have done their part(or you call that propagate?), going to freakingout.com shows the default index.html file I didn't see before. It's a whole new file structures different than the one I saw before the changes took effect.

I then su - jordymae, I see mainwebsite_html and mainwebsite_cgi folders. I then saw the files I was able to access on the web in the html folder. I tried to FTP using the root but all I saw was the files owned by jordymae. So I'm not sure if if freakingout.com is considered as Virtual Host and that I will need to modify the httpd.conf file, or what? I'm just plain confused. I've been reading a lot of forums and how-to but I guess I don't understand enough about the definitions to begin with. Anyway, I'm stuck.

Thanks for reading this. I'd appreciate your help very much!

Jordy Mae

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