If you are in the market for a new Apple computer, you might want to wait a few days. It would appear that new super thin iMacs, MacBooks and even a cheaper Mac Mini are on the way real soon.

According to AppleInsider a raft of advertisements were published ahead of time, in error, by the Netherlands Apple Store online.

The Google Adsense adverts were spotted on Google.nl but when eager shoppers clicked the links they arrived at the Apple Store only to discover the goods were not actually available. And what goods. The advertising would appear to confirm many online reports over the last few months that Apple is about to launch thinner polycarbonate MacBook, am ultra-thin series of iMacs and a speed increased but price decreased Mac Mini.

AppleInsider expects them to be "accompanied by redesigns of the company's Mighty Mouse and Apple Remote, as well as aluminum wireless keyboards."

The online grapevine is suggesting that the new product line could be announced before the end of this week.

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jbennet 1,618

They are bad enough already though. My friend has broken the screens on 2 macbooks because the metal on them is stupidly thin.

Yeah Apple, please bring back thick, heavy, clunky laptops and spare us with that ultra-thin, modern-looking, fragile crap because jbennet's friend is too dumb to take care of his expensive gadgets.

jbennet 1,618

Well its true. My friends HPs and Dells screens wobble all the time when typing, and thier keybaords are very squidgggggggy. My thinkpad on the other hand, does just fine.

I have to admit that while the geek in me loves thin and sexy (it also loves steampunk clunky to be fair) I am starting to think that there has been something of a push towards things being too slender to be practical.

Surely a computer has to be more than just nice to look at?