I have just installed Quark 6.1 running on a G4 with a 125ghz processor with 1ghz of ram, and OS10.3.4, all the usual quark functions are very sluggish even to showing the invisables is slow also I get the winding clock when i go to the menu bar to activate one of the pull down vacilities when quark is active, also generating eps’s using apple script is very slow taking up to 98% of the processor as measured with a Konfabulator widget and taking an inordinate amount of time. The winding clock is a puzzle as this would normally occur only in OS9?
The whole experience is very disappointing, can anyone help


Quark is the BANE of Desktop Publishing. While my comments will not help you, let's just say that the Quark forums are loaded with gripes against tech support, and that these problems are happening often.

I used to use Quark around 3.3 and 4.1 The company has gotten much worse with supporting the product, and becoming more whacky in their copy-protection schemes.

You may wish to consider InDesign or Ragtime. If I had to recommend one, I would go with RagTime, unless you had some very specific business concerns that had to be examined.

I am supporting Quark 6.1 on two Windows computers at work, and they are randomly crashing and corrupting their documents. The software is half-cooked, and premature.


Try uping the memory requirements to see if that works. You may have to play with that: go to quark under applications; go to file, get info, memory, and type in a little more than you need. I've had to do this with several programs to make it think it has enough memory for it to do what I want it to do. Hope this helps. And as far as Quark 6 goes, it was an act of congress to get it fully going. Had to install, open, do the serial number, then had to call for another number to get the full version up and running, which took forever. What a bunch of crap.....plus you can't run it under classic like the other upgrades (freehand, photoshop, etc.). If Quark doesn't do something, they will be losing out cause Adobe is doing a really good job as far as keeping up with what the graphic industry wants, being universal......

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