I have 2 hard drives and I want to add an application folder to the second so it will act more like my system drive. I mainly want to save my ProTools recordings onto this second hard drive and it won't let me.

I'm assuming b/c it doesn't have an applications folder.

Any words of wisdom.

Is it giving you any sort of error?

Is it giving you any sort of error?

It might if I could reach that point but I don't even know how to add an application to another hard drive which prevents me from saving my mbox to my clear hard drive.

Thanks for the response.

Do you have any clue how?


Making the folder is easy. Just make a new folder. Call it Applications on the new volume.

Then, when you install programs, use the customize features in a bunch of the installers to shift the volume from your system drive to your second drive. I have done this on my powerbook, and really like the split approach.

Be careful if you are doing this with darwin - unix software. You may cause the creation of a bunch of other folders like /bin /usr and that on the second drive. may confuse things. So far, I have been alright with OpenOffice. I just leave the extra folders alone.

Even if you do split the drives, some nuggets of a program will go to your system volume. That is just the nature of the beast.