I have been hearing hype for so long now about a 30" cinema display. Is this just another rumor? As the owner of dual 23" cinema hd displays, I'm very interested in this ;) I heard awhile ago that supposedly Apple was going to release the new monitor with a brushed metal finish to match the G5s? Anyone?

To answer my own question, they were released today! Brushed metal as expected. My poor 23" aqua style monitors aren't top-of-the-line anymore ;) But whoa, a $1,000 price difference between the 23" and the 30"!

I think a big reason why Apple postponed their release is because, if you check out apple.com, you'll notice they specifically recommend the Nvidia Geforce 6800 card for the 30" - going so far as to saying it's the only card that will support the monitor! However, this is Nvidia's new line which isn't even released yet ;) Only available from Apple right now, actually!

Well, just got the news from the Apple Store. The new line of monitors were announced, and available for preordering, but won't be released until August.

Hey Dani,

Do moderators receive one for our diligent service to the website?

:) I would love one.

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