Hi, my powerbook titanium, OsX10.3.6, keeps ejecting all cd/dvds - unable to read optical media, tried all types of discs, even disk/laserhead cleaner - no luck. Problem started a while back sporadically when moving to OSX10.3, but after a few attemps did read disk, though now nolonger possible. Any suggestions, other then costly replacement of combo drive, or know which keyboard commands force read the CD/DVD player?

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It is sounding like a hardware error, but there is one thing that you might be able to do. Do you have OS 9 loaded somewhere on that laptop? no, not running Classic, but where you can boot into OS 9? See if you can do that, and then if the OS 9 system recognizes the media. If it does, you have a software problem. If it does not, you have a hardware problem.

If not, try booting from the OS X install disk. If it works, software on the hard drive. If it doesn't, I would be more suspicious on the hardware failure.

If the combo drive is too expensive, consider an external USB/Firewire CD/DVD burner / reader. Instead of upgrading my cd-rom to a DVD, I went out and got an external unit. Then again, I am on a G3 Lombard.



Thanks for your advice Christian, problem has been resolved - I have replaced it with a superdrive and that works wonders.

N :)

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