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There is a hack lie that called Cutsom Pages. It can be found found at vbulletin.org (Don't know if this is breaching rules etc - If it is, welcome to remove it) - there are also loads of other hacks.


I searched all over vbulletin.org but came up empty handed. The closest thing I found was this mod on vbulletintemplates.com.

Is that what they use here at daniweb, or are there other options?


well, if your good at MySQL and HTML or PHP, you can make your own front page and just put it toplevel like: public_html/index.php.
Have your MySQL scripts and codings placed onto the index.php and custom how you want it to look.

When I mean by "your MySQL scripts and codings placed onto the index.php", you want to have your Database that your forums using connection onthe index.php.
and just like DAni, you can customize your own. You dont need ot spend all that ime loking for somting very similar. Beside, she might have done just what I said. Or maybe not. Whocares, itll look the same.

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