This program I found in the applications folder, and every time I am online, every 30 minites it asks me if I wish to stay connected, and If i am away from compter at the time, it disconnects me, how do I turn this off?

Hi was wondering if anybody knows the answer to this question? This is seriously messing with my work, I have gone to the prefences and everything and I still do not know how to turn off the queue message that comes up every 25 minites asking is i wish to stay connected to the internet, and If I do not answer within 5 seconds i am booted off-line. Please help

Hi!! I don't know if you've already received an answer on this or not, but I was having the same problem. You need to:
- Open System Preferences (Apple menu)
- Click the blue Network icon
- Choose Show: Internal Modem (or whatever you use)
- Click the PPP tab
- Click the PPP Options button
- Uncheck the "Prompt every __ minutes to maintain connection" box.

It totally worked!! I hope this helps!!

Emkago :)

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