Please help! My G3 Laptop freezes soon after booting up. It is the WallStreet version running OS 9.1. This problem has only happened since my battery started playing up. The battery is new-ish but for some reason suddenly does not work and when using the power adaptor, does not appear to be charging although on the control strip it registers that there is a battery there. Up til then (the battery is only 2 months old) everything was fine.
As I now can only run my laptop off the power adaptor, this is when the thing freezes completely. If anybody has any answers I would be grateful...

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It is possible that your battery is fried, or something in the charging circuit. I believe there is a battery reconditioning tool that came with OS 9. My battery on the G3 has been fried for so long that I have forgotten the tools name, but you might be able to save yours.

You might need to boot with the extensions off, and then run this battery maint kit, and then recharge. Reboot after a few hours with the extensions on again, and see.


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