Hi. I have a .dmg file for adobe after effects 6.5 on my pc. It is for macs. I need to know how i can install this on my friends G5. Please help!!


Copy it onto a cd.
In G5 hut the button in the utmost rightupper corner of the G5 keyboard.
The cdtray will open. Press again to close. Doubleclick the cd and doubleclick the .dmg and then when u would see a white icon looking like a drive, doubleclick on it and u'll see a screen with the applicationsicon, tutorials readme's etc.
Click on the findericon in the dock* and click there on applications to see the applicationsfolder.
Drag the adobe icon readme's etc. into the applicationsfolder and another screen might pop up to ask "identity.,..or cancel".
Click on identity..,fill in his name or 'root' and ask him to fill in the password belonging to his name or root.
Then the program is in the app. folder.
U could drag the adobe icon out the folder onto the desktop as a shortcut or into the dock *(that glossy bar belowscreen with the fancy bouncing icons).

I hope i could help u out.

;-) Sanne

I assume that this is somehow a legal copy of the application?
Didn't you get a physical CD with it?


Not all .dmg files are available via CD-ROM. He could have purchased it from an online vendor, and now moving it to the final resting place.

For example, I have high speed internet. My buddy wants Dreamweaver. I can go to Adobe, purchase dreamweaver, and have it download to my box. Now, what do I do with the .dmg file?

Do not assume that all activites are illegal.


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