I am trying to set up the Internal Modem for my Powerbook G4. In the past, I have successfully connected using both Ethernet and Airport Express, BUT now I am attempting connect via DSL. The DSL line (router is: Speed Touch USB Alcatel) I am trying to use is normally connected to my family's IMAC through a USB port. But when I plug that into my USB port, and enter all the PPP information, my computer does notrecognize the connection. HELP! I am begging...I have become a bit crazed over this.


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I have not tried to do the USB networking with DSL. See if your DSL device has an ethernet port on it, and if so, you might be able to plug your computer in via the network jack instead.

If not, perhaps the USB device came with a driver disk. Did you need to install software on the iMac to get it to work properly first?

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You will more than likely need a driver for your system. Check this site out:

SpeedTouch DSL modem drivers

But, I would consider Christian's suggestion of simply running off of the Ethernet port. USB interfaces can be somewhat "wonky", and prone to unpredictable failures. At least, that's been my experience.

It turns out that the modem my ISP (BellSouth FastAccess DSL) supplied for the iMAC only has a USB connection. Apparently, whenever you initially sign up for DSL, you have to specifically request an Ethernet port or you automatically get the USB. For some reason, regardless of how I configure the PPPoE settings..my PowerBook will not respond to the USB connection. So to remedy the situation I would have to obtain a new piece of equipment.
would have been good to know - could have avoided the descent to madness I experienced over the thing!!

Oh - I'm not sure about software for the iMac - but I know my PowerBook is pre-programmed for internet and doesn't need any software.

Thanks for all of your help.



Sounds like you are on your way, Becky. Yeah, some companies try to do USB for networking, and the bus just isn't designed for it. Kinda like taking a nice car to Menards, and putting wood in it. Can do it, but not ideal.

Interestingly enough, you can assign IP addresses to Firewire devices. BUt that is another topic for another day.