I have a G4 that came with OS 9 and recently loaded OS X, but now none of the programs seem to be recognized. Can't print, use DVD player etc. Can anyone help me?

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OS X is wildly different than OS 9 and most old programs won't run natively in OS X. If your OS 9 is version 9.1 or higher you can run most older programs in "Classic" mode which is an emulation of OS 9. You can download the 9.2.2 upgrade from Apple's website... But I'm not sure how you can install them if you can't log into 9.0. Perhaps someone else will have this information?

If that doesn't addres your problem at all... we'll try again :)


As noted above, what version of OS 9 and what version of OS X, as well as which "programs" (Mac OS 9 or OS X) you're trying to use that won't work.


I would highly suggest getting a newer version of OS X. That is the public beta of OS X from 2000. It's quite out of date, no longer supported, full of bugs, and you won't find any software that works on it.

You're significantly better off with Jaguar (10.2) or Panther (10.3). Jaguar should be quite cheap now, and Panther will be much cheaper after late March 2005 (when Tiger (10.4) comes out).

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