I'm trying to help a friend (she's a Mom) who has a Mac. I'm not savvy with Macs but can following techno directions. She wants to view the temporary internet files her children view and wants to prevent them from deleting them. Is there a setting or password she can set so they cannot delete the files or is there a temp file she can view the temporary files. We have set up all children separately with logins and have their downloads saved to a file in her download files. Thanks.

You mean like their browser history? That's stored in username/Library/Safari/History.plist . Double-click it, and it should open up Property List Editor for easy viewing. Just to warn you, however, it's quite easy to both clear browser history within Safari, and to disable browser history and download history with the "Private Browsing Mode" in Safari. With this option turned on, it is impossible to track what the user views/downloads unless you install specialized kiddie control software.

thank you, I'll suggest she go purchase software if she wants to monitor.