I created what I thought was a backup of my HD before doing a clean install of 10.4 tiger. I found out later that I needed to add -rsrc to the ditto comand to prevent splitting the resource forks out of my data. Now my quicken data files and other things are unuseable. Is there a way to reassemble them.

I typed "ditto -v (source) (destination)

The -rsrc between the -v and the source was missed.


If you erased the original, no, there's no way to reassemble them.. the resource forks are gone. However, you should be able to open the files and receate some resource forks if you use the correct file extensions. Where that fails, try a utility like XRay to recreate the correct resource forks.

Thanks for the info. I actualy was able to recover all the check data by creating a new blank quicken file and using the show package contents comand in the finder. Then I draged the data file out of the new file and replaced it with the data file from my original. The checks all showed up but I am missing the category and class info. If anyone knows where quicken keeps the category and class info maybe I can replace it in a similar way. Otherwise I'll have to re-categorize all of my checks. Well at least it will be quicker than re-entering everything.
I'm half way there!!!!