New user iMac OS X 10.3 Panther. I've selected a great screensaver, but it seems to stay hidden under a black screen. When the screen is black and I hit a key, when the black disappears the screensaver is there for just a split second until the page I left reappears. Help? Thanks.

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I think your monitor is going to sleep before the screensaver engages. Check the control panels to see when you have the timings set for what mode.


Thanks for talking to me as if I know what I'm doing! Anyway, I checked the help menu for screensavers before I wrote to the forum, and I followed what it said to do until it got to where it said to click on "Configuration" and I did not have that choice. I followed it all the way through 2x more to make sure, and same thing. I set the screensaver to start after 3 minutes inactivity, but I can't find any other control panel. Remember, I'm new at this. I was new at having a PC at home before it crashed and I decided to go Mac. I'm also a great grandmother and didn't have computers around me for most of my life. Also, I bought this iMac used with Panther OS X 10.3 already installed. Thanks.

Make sure the screensavers that came with your Mac work first, before troubleshooting a third party screensaver. E.g., "Computer Name". Is this "great screensaver" a 3rd party screensaver (3rd party meaning, non-Apple-included)?

kc0arf means for you to look in the Energy Saver prefpane and ensure that the "Put the display to sleep blah blah" isn't set for a time lower than (or close to) that of the screensaver. Meaning the screensaver might come on, but then the screen goes black because it's going to low-power mode.

The scrensaver came with Panther. I should have thought of the energy saver mode myself, but I was still learning PC's when I switched to Mac, and I will also use the excuse that I've had the flu all week. Thanks again!!

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